How to Remove the Icemaker From a Maytag

Many Maytag refrigerators come with built-in icemakers in the freezer compartment. These icemakers are connected to the wiring harness for the refrigerator, which provides the electrical power needed to run the icemaker and the water supply for the refrigerator. Removing the icemaker from a Maytag refrigerator is a project that even a novice DIYer can handle.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the Maytag refrigerator by unplugging it. If you cannot see the plug, you may need to move the Maytag away from the wall to get at the plug behind.

Step 2

Open the freezer compartment. Turn off the icemaker by lifting the bar on the side toward the top of the freezer compartment. Remove the ice bucket from underneath the Maytag icemaker.

Step 3

Remove the front panel of the icemaker. You can pry off the panel with the edge of a flat-bladed screwdriver, or, depending on the model, you may need to remove one of the screws holding it in place.

Step 4

Loosen the screws holding the icemaker to the inside of the freezer. Lift the icemaker body up and off of the screws. Lower the icemaker body to the floor of the freezer.

Step 5

Pull the plug connecting the icemaker to the rear of the freezer.

Step 6

Look for the water supply tube running out of the back of the freezer compartment to the icemaker. Pull this tube out of the rear of the Maytag icemaker.

Step 7

Pull the icemaker out of the freezer compartment.