Instructions for the Bissell Spot Lifter

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The Bissell Spot Lifter is a hand-held carpet cleaner that allows users to quickly remove spots anywhere, even when there is no nearby electrical outlet. This is a handy way to clean up spills as soon as they occur, preventing stains from setting into carpet and upholstery. Stubborn stains can be removed with the detachable brush.

Setting Up

Grip the indentations on the sides of the cleaning solution tank and pull up until it comes out of the Spot Lifter. Unscrew the cap and fill the tank up to the "Formula" line with Little Green cleaning solution. Fill the tank with warm water up to the "Water" line and replace the cap. Align the tank so that the rubber fitting slides into the hole on the Spot Lifter unit. Push down on the tank until it snaps into place.


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Removing Stains

Turn on the Spot Lifter and hold the unit a few inches over the surface to be cleaned. Press the trigger to spray Bissell cleaning solution on the stained surface. Press the Spot Lifter's nozzle down firmly and pull the unit toward you as it vacuums up the dirt and cleaning solution. Repeat until you cannot pull out any more dirt or moisture. Run the Spot Lifter on vacuum-only to pick up spills. Press the edge of the nozzle firmly against the surface until the spill has been completely picked up, then press the trigger to spray cleaning solution, and clean the area normally. Use the brush to scrub out tough stains as you spray the area with cleaning solution. To detach the brush, pull on the tab and lift the brush out of the unit. Once you are done scrubbing, pull the Spot Lifter across the area to remove the dirt and cleaning solution.


Cleaning and Storage

Turn off the power and carry the unit to a nearby sink or drain to empty the collection tank. Press the tank release button on the top of the unit. The tank will swing out from the bottom of the unit on a hinge. Keep one hand under the tank to steady it, then pull up to remove the tank from the hinge. Twist the tank plug one-quarter turn and lift up to remove it. Dump out the collected water and rinse out the tank with clean water, then replace the tank plug. Snap the tank back onto its hinge and swing it back over until it locks in position.



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