My Bissell Carpet Cleaner Is Leaking Water From the Tank

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Bissell carpet cleaners use a system of tanks to warm up the cleaning solution and water mixture and hold the dirty water pulled up from the carpet during the cleaning process. These carpet cleaners also have a row of cleaning brushes and a set of on-board tools to clean upholstery, stairs and other surfaces. If the water from the tanks is leaking, the cause is likely simple in nature and fairly easy to resolve.


Top Tank

A likely reason why there is water leaking from the tank is that it is not positioned correctly. Unlatch the top tank by lifting up on the tank latch then pulling the tank up and out of the carpet cleaner. Disconnect the solution tank by lifting up on the handle, paying attention to the lip on the top tank that fits into a groove on the bottom tank. Make sure the top tank is filled with warm water.


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Bottom Tank

Reconnect the top tank firmly to the bottom tank by hooking the lip on the top tank into the groove located on the back of the bottom tank. Push the top tank down and latch the two tanks closed together with the rear latch. If the tanks are not latched together properly, water can leak out. Set the connected tanks onto the Bissell carpet cleaner and line up the tabs on the bottom of the tanks into the slots on the cleaner. Push down until the tanks lock into place.


Formula Tank

Locate the formula tank in the back of the machine. Lift it out and make sure it is filled with water and cleaning solution. Turn the cap clockwise firmly, until it is secure, as a loose cap can result in a leak during operation. Set the formula tank back into the carpet cleaner and push down until it is firmly in place.



Another possible source of water leaking from the tanks on a Bissell carpet cleaner is if the tank is too full. Fill each tank only to the "Max" line. Do not overfill. The formula tank should be filled with cleaning solution up to the "Formula" line, followed by warm water to the "Fill" line. Always close the cap or lid on each tank firmly.



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