Bissell Proheat 2X Carpet Cleaner Instructions

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Over time, pet accidents, spills and heavy traffic leave dirt on your carpets that vacuuming alone just won't fix. When it's time for a deeper clean, reach for your Bissell Proheat 2X Carpet Cleaner. Boasting 10 rows of cleaning brushes and a built-in water heater, this carpet shampooer does a thorough job when used properly. You'll also find it more convenient than renting a carpet shampooer and less expensive than hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

Bissell Proheat 2X Carpet Cleaner Instructions

Prepare Your Carpet

To prepare for cleaning, move your furniture out of your way so you have plenty of room to move and access to all the carpet you want to clean. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove surface dirt and debris, as well. Dust and hair clump together when they're wet and they are sometimes difficult for carpet cleaners to pick up. Pre-treat any stains or high-traffic areas with a product designed to remove stains from carpets.

Prepare Your Carpet Cleaner

Use the carrying handle to lift the carpet cleaner's water tank from its base and carry it to the sink. Lift the tank latch to separate the top and bottom of the tank so you can fill the bottom portion with hot water. When you're done, reattach the top and bottom halves of the tank. Make sure the lip of the top tank hooks into the groove on the bottom tank and that you have fully secured the latch. Place the full water tank back on the carpet cleaner.

Locate the formula tank on the back of your appliance and lift it off the machine. Fill it with water up to the fill line and then add the Bissell 2X carpet cleaning formula to the formula line. Replace the formula tank's lid and place the tank back on the appliance.

Adjust the dial on the front of the machine to the appropriate setting. Your options are "water rinse," "light clean," "normal clean" and "heavy traffic." Turn the "Ready Tools" dial to "floor cleaning," plug the machine in, turn it on and turn the heater switch to the "on" position. You'll find the heater switch just to the right of the power switch. Let the machine sit for one minute to warm up before cleaning the carpet.

Get Cleaning

To begin, plan your cleaning route and decide where to start. You won't want to walk on the freshly cleaned carpet while it 's still wet, so plan a cleaning path that lets you leave the room easily when you're done. Once you've positioned the cleaner at your starting point, release the water and cleaning agent by holding down the handle trigger while making one slow, forward pass with the machine. Slowly pull the machine back toward you again while still holding the trigger. To pull the water back out of the carpet, release the trigger and make another slow pass forward and backward over the same spot. Continue making passes over the same area with the trigger released until you don't see any more water coming out of the carpet. If the water that was coming from the carpet was still dirty, you can repeat the process by making another cleaning pass with the trigger held down followed by more drying passes (trigger released). Take care not to overwet the carpet, however.

Continue this process, working your way across the carpet until the dirty water tank becomes full. When it does, once again lift the handle on the water tank to remove it from the machine. Take it to the sink and open it, this time pouring out the dirty water. Refill the clean water tank while you're at the sink, reinstall it and continue cleaning. The Bissell Proheat 2X cleaner combines the dirty and clean water tanks into one unit to make emptying and refilling easy.

As you continue to clean, pay attention to the amount of formula remaining in the formula tank, You may need to add more cleaning solution as you go when cleaning large rooms. Note, however, that you don't need to put any formula in the tank when using the machine's "water rinse" setting.

When you're done cleaning your carpet, empty the cleaner's clean and dirty water tanks. Rinse them thoroughly and allow them to air dry with their caps off. When they've dried, reassemble the unit and tuck it away in the closet until you need it again. To avoid wasting cleaning solution, feel free to store the carpet cleaner with formula in the formula tank.


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