How Do I Attach the Upholstery Attachment to My Hoover SteamVac?

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Your Hoover SteamVac has the capacity to deeply clean settled dirt and debris from carpet and fabrics like the many other Hoover carpet cleaner models. But you won't get the best clean from your SteamVac if you don't properly use the Hoover carpet cleaner attachments. The upholstery nozzle can provide the same scrubbing action to stains on furniture and stairs as it does for your carpet.


Locating the Hoover Upholstery Attachment

On the original Hoover SteamVac, the upholstery attachment can be found on the back of the machine. This tool is triangular and is located in the center at the base of the Hoover.

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Once you've found the upholstery tool, you'll connect it to the end of the hose attachment and click it in the place with the secure tab. However, the hose attachment is not as easily accessible as it is on most dry vacuum cleaners. You'll need to properly access and connect the hose before using the upholstery tool.


Connecting the SteamVac Hose

First, remove the clean water solution tank and set it aside. Take the hose from the storage rack. Depress the Hoover lever so the machine lies flat on the floor.

At this point, detach the back panel of the dirty water tank and take off the lid. This will allow you to pull the dirty water tank front panel up about 1 inch and turn it so it sits parallel to the floor. This leaves space for the converter end of the hose to slide halfway through the grooves until it sits firmly in place.


Pull the collar of the solution tube so the black tabs extend and then open the door labeled "stair/upholstery cleaning solution." Attach the solution tube to the round port inside this door and secure the connection with the black tabs. Place the tank and the lid back on the Hoover.

Now, you're ready to set up your Hoover to clean upholstered furniture or carpeted stairs with extra stain-removing and scrubbing power.


Cleaning Stairs and Upholstery With the Upholstery Tool

Make sure the Hoover is upright and unscrew the cap to the clean water solution tank. Fill the cap to line 5 with Hoover carpet/upholstery detergent or make your own cleaning solution. Pour the detergent into the tank and fill the tank with hot tap water until the water level reaches the fill line.


With the Hoover in the upright position, plug in the machine and place it near the staircase or upholstered furniture. While holding the upholstery tool about 1 inch above the area you're cleaning, depress the trigger and slowly move the tool forward. Gently press the tool into the fabric and follow the path back, continuing to hold down the trigger. This is one complete wet pass.

Release the trigger and slowly move the upholstery tool forward and back over the wet pass area. You can complete dry passes as many times as you'd like to speed up the drying process. If the stained area is larger than one wet pass can cover, continue wet and dry passes until the entire stain is lifted.



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