How to Change the Clock on a Kitchenaid Superba Convection Oven

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The KitchenAid Superba line contains several models of microwave and convection wall- or cabinet-mounted ovens. The clock is a standard 12-hour device that you program by using the oven keypad controls. The readout displays are digital, as is the clock, and programming the clock is a simple task. You will need to reset the clock after a power failure, or when daylight saving time begins and ends.


Step 1

Turn the oven off and the oven timer off, if either is engaged.

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Step 2

Press the "CLOCK SET/START" keypad once lightly to engage the clock setting feature. This button is on the lower row on the right side of the touch control panel.

Step 3

Select the corresponding numbers on the digital keypad to coincide with the desired clock display time.

Step 4

Depress the "CLOCK SET/START" once more lightly to set the time on the clock.

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