How do I Fix a Locked Frigidaire Gallery Oven?

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There are several model variations of Frigidaire Gallery ovens, but each can be unlocked the same way.

Automatic oven door locks are a wonderful safety feature, particularly for the parents of small children. But unless you know how to disable this feature once engaged, it can also be a real problem. Fortunately, unlocking your Frigidaire gallery oven is very simple once you know the trick.


Step 1

Locate the oven lockout pad. The pad is located to the lower left of the clock and display screen. It is labeled with a padlock icon.

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Step 2

Press and hold the oven lockout pad. You will need to hold the pad down for 3 seconds. A beep will then sound, and the display screen will read "door opn."


Step 3

Wait. The word "door" and the padlock icon will flash for a few seconds while the door unlocks. You can now open the door and use the oven.



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