How to Disable the Buzzer on a Magic Chef Oven

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Magic Chef is a manufacturer of home appliances, including microwave ovens. The Whirlpool Corporation owns and operates the brand. The Magic Chef microwave oven is a counter-top appliance capable of preparing frozen pizzas, popcorn, frozen vegetables, frozen dinners and much more. You can set the cooking time from a keypad located on the front of the oven. When the cooking time expires, a buzzer sounds, though you can choose to disable the buzzer.


Step 1

Touch the "Favorite Choice" pad four times. The message "PROG-4 SELECT TYPE ENTER 1-6" is displayed.

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Step 2

Touch the number "2" on the keypad located on the front of the Magic Chef oven. "Buzzer Off" and "Mute" are displayed on the screen.

Step 3

Touch the "Cancel/Off" button on the keypad to exit the settings. The buzzer is turned off.

Step 4

Touch the number "1" on the keypad to turn the buzzer back on.



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