How to Set the Sabbath Mode on GE Ovens

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In the religion of Judaism, the Sabbath is designated as a day of rest on which Jews are forbidden from performing any work. Thanks to modern innovation, this no longer has to include ceasing the usage of your oven. Like many manufacturers, General Electric ovens have a Sabbath feature, which allows you to operate your oven even on a day of rest. When the Sabbath feature is enabled, the oven light is disabled so that it does not turn on when the door is opened. Additionally, if you would like to adjust the internal temperature of the oven, Sabbath mode allows you to do so. The setting is saved in the electronic control and then implemented in random intervals, thus causing an indirect, rather than direct, adjustment in the temperature, which is permissible on the Sabbath.

Step 1

Press and hold the "Bake" and "Broil" pads at the same time until "SF" is displayed on the control panel. If using a double oven, use the upper oven controls.

Step 2

Press the "Delay Start" button repeatedly until "Sabbath" is displayed on the control panel.

Step 3

Press the "Start" button to enable Sabbath mode. When enabled, an icon resembling a backward "C" appears on the control panel.

Step 4

Press the "Bake" button to set the oven to "Bake" mode. When pressed, no signals will be given.

Step 5

Enter the desired temperature using the touch pads and then press the "Start" button. The oven will now delay for a random period of time, between 30 and 60 seconds, and then will preheat.


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