How to Reset the Clock on a Dacor Wall Oven

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It is pretty easy to reset the clock on a wall oven.
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The Dacor wall oven is relatively easy to operate even though it's a technologically innovative appliance. When you're first learning how to set up the oven, you should follow the use and care manual to become familiar with the appliance. Once you go over the manual, you'll know how to reset a Dacor wall oven clock and even do things like set a delay start.


Dacor Wall Oven

According to Yale Appliance, Dacor was a family owned and operated appliance company that specialized in marketing the first electric refrigerators. They eventually scaled the brand, and as of August 2016, they're now owned by Samsung of Korea. Dacor sells a variety of products, such as range tops, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and more.


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Although they have a variety of products, their main focus is cooking appliances. According to Yale Appliance, Dacor was the first company to produce a 30-inch convection wall oven.

Dacor Wall Oven Clock Resetting

Before you reset the clock on a single, double or combination Dacor wall oven, you need to make sure that the oven isn't in use. According to Dacor's manual, you can't set the clock, temperature scale, display colors, keypad tones or even disable the oven lights while using the oven.


To set the time, you need to press the cancel/secure key on the control panel so you can return to the home screen. Then, push the main menu key and press additional settings. The clock button should appear. After you press the clock button, the clock menu will pop up.

To change the settings, you then need to press the set clock button. From here, you can use the number keypad to enter the current time. After you set the time, you can press the a.m. or p.m. button to change those settings.


Month and Year Resetting

To set the month, day and year, you're going to input the numbers on the keypad. For the year, you need to put all four numbers. After everything is set, press the SAVE CLK/date key. Your clock time and date should now be displayed correctly.

Military Time and Changing Font

Even if you have a Dacor combination oven, you can change the size (fonts) of the numbers on the clock as well as input military time. You have two options for font sizes on the Dacor wall oven: large and small. Just keep in mind that if you change the time to appear larger, the a.m. and p.m. buttons won't show. It will show if you use military time, though.


To change the size of the clock numbers, go to the clock menu and press large font or small font. If you want to switch the clock to military time or switch from military time back to regular time, you need to press the clock menu and hit the 24/12 hour key.



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