How to Set the Delay Timer on a GE Stove

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The delay timer on your stove is a great way to cook at a later time.
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Time bake (cook time), automatic oven timers and delay bake (delay time/delay start) options are super beneficial for individuals that want to cook at home but are too busy to be in the kitchen throughout the entire cooking process. If you're lucky enough to own a General Electric oven with a GE oven delay start, you may find yourself using this feature more often than you're tempted to order take-out food.


GE Oven Delay Start Purpose

According to General Electric Appliances, many of the ranges and wall oven models have the delay start option. You can either use the delay start option to delay when the oven comes on or before the oven starts self-cleaning. This feature can be called a variety of things such as delay start, delay time or delay bake, so you must go over your owner's manual to see what your specific feature is called. When using the delay start option, you have to program the cooking or self-cleaning mode, when you want your oven to start as well as the cooking temperature.


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Some models don't have the a.m./p.m. option, so in those cases, you can only set the oven for less than 12 hours. It's important to note that although the GE oven delay start option will turn the oven on at a specific time, according to GE Appliances, some older models don't have a GE oven automatic shut off option. You have to shut off the oven manually.

In some newer models, there is a time bake (cook time) option that acts like a GE oven automatic shut off option, though. This feature will allow you to set the oven to turn on and off, but you have to input the hours you want the oven to run manually.


How to Delay Start

There are a variety of ways to delay start a GE oven, depending on the model, so you must look over your GE profile oven manual. If you have a range without electronic controls, before you delay start your oven, you need to make sure that the range clock is set to the right time and day. After the range clock is set, the first thing you need to do is use the two dials next to the clock that are marked "Stop" and "Start."


According to GE Appliances, both of these dials are marked off in 15-minute segments. They're also numbered by the hour. To move these dials, you have to push the knob in, and it will make a sound as they're turning. To set the GE oven delay start, you have to push in and turn the "Stop" pointer to the time of day the oven will stop.

Then you're going to push in and turn the "Start" pointer to the time of day the oven will start. Next, you'll turn the oven "Set" knob to "Time Bake" and set your oven temperature. Later on, when the range clock goes to the time of day that you selected, the "Start" button will pop out, and the oven will begin to heat. As soon as the stop time is reached, the "Stop" knob will pop out, and the oven should turn off.


Additional Delay Start Tips

According to GE Appliances, on most of the models, the oven cycle light should turn on after you set up the time bake cycle. You'll know it's on because the bake indicator light will stay on. It's important to note that you can't use the time bake and temperature cook options at the same time.



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