How to Use the Speed Bake Setting on a Frigidaire Oven

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Finding the right cooking time for your recipes may take some trial and error. If the 30 percent reduction in baking time does not fully cook your food, increase the cooking time until it is done. Make a note of the amount of time it takes for when you cook the same recipe in the future.

Frigidaire has designed several different types of ovens for the home. Among the many features in these ovens is the Speed Bake setting, which uses a fan to circulate the hot air in the oven to cook your food faster. The Speed Bake setting also aids in the browning of certain types of food. Use the Speed Bake setting whenever you need to cut the time it takes to make your meal.


Step 1

Press the "Timer On/Off" button and set the cooking time using the up arrow button. Since the Speed Bake option cooks faster than standard oven operation, decrease the recipe's cooking time by approximately 30 percent.

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Step 2

Push the "Bake" button and press the up or down arrow button to increase or decrease the baking temperature.


Step 3

Start the Speed Bake feature by pressing the "Speed Bake" button. You will hear the fan turn on in the oven and see the Speed Bake indicator light up. When you open the oven door, the fan turns off, resuming when you close the door.

Step 4

Press the "Clear/Off" button to stop the Speed Bake feature.


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