How to Turn on a Kenmore Oven

Kenmore manufactures several models of gas and electric ovens for use in the home. The different models have some differences in features, but most of the main features and operating procedures are common among all models. Kenmore ovens can be set to bake and broil food items as well as settings to warm up leftovers. In addition, you can set the oven temperature and cooking time according to your recipes.

Step 1

Press the "Bake," "Broil" or "Serve Warm" button on the control panel to enter a cooking mode.

Step 2

Change the cooking temperature by pressing the "up" and "down" arrow buttons under "Temp."

Step 3

Enter the cooking time by pressing the "Cook Time" button and using the "up" and "down" arrow buttons under "Hour" and "Min" to adjust the time.

Step 4

Start the oven by pressing the "Start/Enter" button. The oven will heat up to the input temperature for the amount of time entered.