Instructions for Frigidaire Convection Ovens

Frigidaire designs several different oven models, each with a different set of features to meet consumer demand. A feature found on some Frigidaire ovens is a convection option, which offers an alternate method of cooking your food. When the convection feature is activated, a fan turns on, circulating warm air through the oven. Circulating air cooks your food quicker and at lower temperatures, saving you money on your energy bills.

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Convection Cooking

When using the convection feature on your Frigidaire oven, you need to preheat the oven to obtain the best results. First, move the racks inside of the oven to the desired position. Preheat the oven by pressing the "Convect" button on the control panel. The display screen will blink "Convect" and "Bake," and "350" will appear as the temperature. Adjust the temperature according to the recipe by pressing the corresponding numbers on the number pad, then press the "Start" button. While the oven heats up, the actual temperature of the oven will appear on the display. Do not place your food in the oven until the oven temperature matches the temperature called for in the recipe. Press the "Cancel" button to stop the oven from preheating.

In addition to the "Bake" feature, you have the option to use the "Roast" and "Broil" features. The "Bake" feature is best when cooking food on multiple racks. "Roast" is best for cooking meats, and "Broil" is best for thicker cuts of meat. The "Broil" setting cooks food in the main oven compartment, as Frigidaire ovens do not have separate broilers. To switch between the different modes, press the "Convect" button until the name of the desired mode appears in the display.

Convection Convert

Convection cooking generally requires a cooking temperature of approximately 25 degrees less than the temperature called for in the recipe. You can figure out this adjustment when entering the cooking temperature, or you can use the "Convection Convert" feature on the oven. To use the "Convection Convert" feature, press the "Convect" button and enter the recipe temperature, which will appear in the display. Press the "Convection Convert" button to automatically adjust the temperature. The display will change to a temperature 25 degrees less than the original temperature entered. Press the "Start" button to begin preheating your oven.