Maytag Oven Operating Instructions

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Maytag offers a wide range of both gas and electric ovens that come with a variety of features. They may be free-standing or built-in, and can include a convection bake option, energy save mode or Sabbath mode.


Maytag Oven Operating Instructions
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Maytag ovens come with a control display that will flash when the oven is powered up. The display can be configured to show the time of day when the oven is not in use or will remain blank if the energy saving mode is on. When the oven is on, indicator lights on the display will show the functions being used. Your oven shows the temperature in Fahrenheit by default but it can be adjusted to show Celsius.


Temperature Control

Pressing BAKE for five seconds will show you the current temperature setting. To adjust it, press "+" or "-" until the display shows you the desired temperature. Press "START" to begin preheating the oven to the chosen temperature. Maytag does not recommend using an oven thermometer to show you the temperatures, because opening the oven door will influence its reading and give you incorrect information. The temperature on the display of your oven should give you the correct temperature.

Baking and Roasting

When the "BAKE" option is selected, the bake element will glow red. The oven begins preheating as soon as you select the temperature and press "START". When the oven temperature reaches the chosen setting, the preheat cycle will be over and it will indicate that by sounding a tone. You don't have to wait until the preheat cycle is over to begin roasting but you can do so if the recipe recommends that.



Choosing the "BROIL" option will activate the broil element, which will automatically turn on and off to maintain the chosen temperature. As with baking, you do not need to preheat the oven to begin broiling, but you can do so if it is recommended in the recipe. It's a good idea to use a special broiling pan that is designed to drain the juices in order to avoid making a mess. Placing the pan in the center of the oven will ensure even cooking.

Convection Baking

Some models offer convection baking option. When this option is on, the bake and broil elements turn on and off repeatedly and a fan is activated to help distribute the heat evenly inside the oven thus making sure that the foods are cooked more evenly. Convection baking is a great option as it achieves the same result as regular baking at a lower temperature and in a shorter amount of time.



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