How to Use the Delay Start on a Kenmore Oven

The Kenmore delay start is a useful feature on your oven. If you want dinner ready at a certain time but don't want to prepare it in the middle of the day, or if you want those yummy cookies to come out exactly at the time your children come home from school, the delay start feature can help.

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Woman prepping food beside oven

Step 1

Check the time on your oven display, make sure the correct time is displaying.

Step 2

Set your food in the oven, then close the oven door.

Step 3

Press the "Bake" button, and then adjust the baking temperature by moving the up or down arrows.

Step 4

Select "Cook Time." Program the hours and minutes your dish needs to bake for.

Step 5

Press "Delay Start." The earliest possible start time will display. Use the up or down arrows to adjust the start time. The oven will now turn on at the desired start time.