Instructions for a Whirlpool AccuBake

The Whirlpool AccuBake feature is a temperature management system that is included in many of the company's ranges and built-in ovens. The system uses a sensor to track the temperature in the oven during cooking and make adjustments as necessary to maintain an accurate setting. The system keeps the heat constant and thorough for the best results. While the AccuBake feature works automatically when the oven is turned on, adjusting the oven temperature may be necessary if the oven is cooking slower or faster than expected.

Step 1

Press "Bake" and use the number pad to enter "550" degrees.

Step 2

Press and hold "Bake" immediately until "0" appears in the electronic display.

Step 3

Press "Presets 0" to increase the temperature by five degrees. The setting can be changed up to 35 degrees in either direction. If you continue to press the "Presets 0" pad past 35 degrees, you will decrease the temperature in five degree increments.

Step 4

Release the pad and wait for the time of day to appear on the display, which indicates the temperature has been changed.