Seasoning a commercial griddle keeps it slick on the surface so food does not adhere and is easy to manage. Eggs and delicate foods slide on a seasoned griddle so they turn easily and food items do not stick or tear when turning them. It is a good idea to season a new griddle for the best performance of this appliance. Re-seasoning is beneficial if a griddle has not been in use for a period of time or if food starts sticking to it.

Commercial griddles accommodate a large amount of food at once time.

Step 1

Turn the griddle control to the on position and turn the temperature to 300 degrees F.

Step 2

Spoon out unsalted shortening and place in a bowl. Wipe a cotton hand cloth across the shortening to pick up a thin layer on the cloth.

Step 3

Wipe the cloth with the shortening across the griddle. Cover the entire surface of the griddle by working back and forth across the griddle.

Step 4

Let the shortening stand for about two minutes to heat and soak into the griddle. Apply additional layers in this manner until the surface is slick and the shortening no longer seeps into the griddle.

Step 5

Turn the griddle to the off position and let it cool. Wipe the surface with a grease-absorbing towel to remove any small gray particles of carbon coating on a new griddle.