How Much Do Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Tubs Weigh?

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Knowing how much your new hot tub or whirlpool tub weighs helps you determine if you have the building infrastructure to support it. You need to take the weight into consideration, whether you're installing a hot tub outdoors or indoors, or a whirlpool tub in your bathroom.


Hot tubs are large tubs (or small pools) that can be built or installed in-ground, or purchased as above ground units. They come with jets that create bubbles in the water as well as massaging those soaking in the hot tub. Typically, hot tubs are large units holding four or more people at a time.


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Whirlpool tubs, on the other hand, are also known as jetted tubs. Whirlpool tubs are more likely to be found in one's bathroom and can comfortably fit one person, sometimes more. Similar to hot tubs, whirlpool tubs come with jets to create bubbles and a massage-like experience.


Hot Tubs

A small hot tub that fits two or three people inside weighs 500 lbs., on average, when it is empty; when it is full of water, it can weigh up to 3,000 lbs. Larger hot tubs (that fit up to six people) weigh on average 1,000 lbs. when empty and up to 6,000 lbs. when full of water.


Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool baths comes in various sizes — though as they are intended for bathrooms, they are typically much smaller, ranging in weight from 200 to 500 pounds when dry, 750 to 3,000 pounds when full.