How to Use Bissell Attachments

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It's easy to use your Bissell vacuum attachments
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Powerful and durable, Bissell vacuums and cleaning machines can use an array of attachments for cleaning carpets, stairs and upholstery. The attachments included with the vacuum or cleaning machine make cleaning tight areas and spots easier. The attachments are not hard to use. And once your cleaning task is complete, you can easily store the attachments in the "Tool Caddy" on your Bissell vacuum or cleaning machine.


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Step 1

Turn off your Bissell vacuum or cleaning machine. Unwind the flex hose from the upper and lower hose rack on the back of your Bissell vacuum or cleaning machine.

Step 2

Remove the attachment you want to use from the Bissell Tool Caddy on the back of the Bissell vacuum or cleaning machine.


Step 3

Push the attachment into the end of the flex hose.

Step 4

Place the "Ready Tools Dial" on the front of your Bissell unit to the "Hose Attachments" setting. This setting allows spray and suction from the flex hose.


Step 5

Place the "Custom Clean Dial" to "Heavy Traffic," "Normal Clean" or "Light Clean." If you're using an attachment and rinsing clean carpet or upholstery, set the "Custom Clean Dial" to "Rinse."

Step 6

Turn on your Bissell vacuum or cleaning machine.

Step 7

Guide the attachment along the carpet or upholstery to complete your cleaning task using the attachment.


When cleaning upholstery, check the manufacturer’s tag underneath the cushion or item before you begin the cleaning process. The letter “W” or “WS” on the tag means you can use your Bissell cleaning machine to clean the piece of upholstery. If the tag contains the wording “Dry Clean Only,” an “X” or an “S” with a stripe through it, do not use your Bissell cleaning machine. If the item or piece of upholstery doesn't contain a tag, check with the furniture dealer where you purchased the item from for cleaning/care information.

Check for fabric colorfastness in an inconspicuous area, such as under a cushion or on the back side of your piece of furniture or other upholstery.


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