Braun Cleaner Won't Start

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Many shavers manufactured by the Braun Company include an automatic cleaner that will clean, lubricate and recharge the shaver on a daily basis. The patented cleaning system, called the Clean & Renew System, is included in the company's Series 7 shavers and some other shavers as well. While the automatic cleaner should work well if properly charged and maintained, you may need a few other troubleshooting steps if the cleaner won't start.


Step 1

Connect the cleaning unit to a working power supply outlet; the power cord must be connected securely to the base of the cleaning unit. The power button should be "On" or the cleaner will not work.

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Step 2

Push the lift button on the front of the cleaner to open the cleaning compartment. Pull out the cleaning cartridge to check that you removed the lid from the cartridge. The cleaner will not start if the lid is still on.


Step 3

Look inside the cleaning compartment to check that there is adequate fluid in the cleaning cartridge. Replace fluid if low or empty.

Step 4

Set the cleaning cartridge back into the cleaning unit and close the compartment. Press the "Start Cleaning" button on the front of the cleaning unit, as the cleaning unit will not start unless prompted by pressing the start button.

Step 5

Contact an authorized Braun service center if the previous steps do not resolve the problem.



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