My Bissell ProHeat Flow Indicator Is Not Spinning

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The Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner has a 12-amp motor, 6 rows of cleaning brushes, a 9 1/2-inch cleaning path width and overall weight of 25 lbs. The unit also has a flow indicator that spins when the ProHeat is plugged in and cleaning solution is dispensed. If the indicator is not spinning, there are a couple of possible factors that may be causing the problem.

Dial Selection

The flow indicator will not spin when the ReadyTools dial is set to the "Tool" setting. The Tool setting should be selected when the ProHeat tools or attachments are being used or the carpet is being pre-treated. When the dial is set back to the "Floor Cleaning" setting, the flow indicator should work normally.


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Dirty Flow Indicator

The flow indicator may slow or stop over time if it gets dirty. To clean, unscrew the cap on the flow indicator, then lift out the red rotor and the white filter. Clean the red rotor, white filter and the cap in water and dry lightly with a towel. Put the filter and rotor back in the ProHeat unit and close the cap clockwise until snug.


Cleaning Solution

The flow indicator is designed to spin when cleaning solution is dispensed onto carpets or another floor surface. If the unit cannot dispense the cleaning solution, the flow indicator will not operate. Take the solution bottle out of the base and fill with cleaning solution to the mark on the side and close the cap. Make sure the water tank is full with hot water before using the ProHeat cleaner.


Repair Needed

Once the flow indicator is clean, the tanks are full with water and cleaning solution and the dial is set to "Floor Cleaning," the indicator should spin every time the cleaning trigger is pressed. If it does not, it may be damaged or broken and will need to be repaired or replaced. Contact Bissell at 800-237-7691 for assistance.



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