How to Clean a Braun Series 7 760 CC

Braun Series 7 electric shavers provide a flexible, personalized shave. The Series 7 760 CC model comes with the Clean & Renew system, a charging station that cleans, dries, lubricates and charges the shaver with the push of a button. The Clean & Renew station automatically selects the level of cleaning needed depending on how dirty the shaver is. If you wish to clean the shaver quickly, the 760 CC model is water-safe for manual cleaning.

Set Up the Cleaning Station

Step 1

Plug in the Clean & Renew station and press the button on the bottom of the station to lift the housing.

Step 2

Remove the lid from a cleaning cartridge and slide the cartridge into the space at the bottom of the station.

Step 3

Press the top of the housing down until it locks into place.

Clean the Shaver

Step 4

Insert the shaver head into the top of the cleaning station, aligning the contacts on the shaver with those in the station.

Step 5

Press the "Start Cleaning" button. The cleaning process can take anywhere from 32 to 43 minutes.

Step 6

Remove the shaver from the cleaning station when the blue "Clean" light flashes, or leave it in the station to charge.

Manual Cleaning

Step 7

Turn on the Series 7 shaver and hold the shaver head under hot running water.

Step 8

Remove the shaver from the running water and allow the shaver to run for a few seconds before turning it off.

Step 9

Press the release button near the shaver head and remove the foil and cutter cassette. Set the shaver components in a clean area to air-dry. If you manually clean the shaver on a regular basis, apply a drop of machine oil to the cutter cassette and foil once a week.