What to Do If My Dirt Devil Vacuum Brush Won't Spin

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Dirt Devil brand vacuum cleaners offer a wide variety of cleaning tools and features, like cyclone suction, easy-to-open dirt containers, HEPA filters and a variety of cleaning brushes for better cleaning. However, if the vacuum brush stops rotating, the vacuum cleaner will not clean as well as expected. Troubleshooting the vacuum cleaner brush often can help resolve the situation.

Brush Roll

To take a good look at the brush roll, it is necessary to disassemble the vacuum cleaner slightly. Disconnect the power to the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner and then step on the pedal to lower the handle to the floor. Turn the vacuum cleaner over on the floor so that the cleaning head is facing up. Then, remove the 6 screws that hold the cleaning plate in place on the head using a Phillips head screwdriver. Set the screws aside and lift off the base plate, then remove the nozzle guard. Lift up one side and then the other to remove the brush roll from the vacuum cleaner. Search for the cause of the obstruction, and use a pair of scissors to cut away any strings, ribbons, fiber or hair that are wound around the brush.


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Debris Obstruction

Sometimes items get caught by the nozzle but do not get suctioned into the dirt container and instead become lodged in the cleaning head near the nozzle. This debris will stop brush roll rotation. When the brush roll has been removed from the cleaning head on the vacuum cleaner, inspect the interior of the cleaning head for any debris or objects that might be responsible for the problem and clean as needed.


Brush Roll Replacement

Examine the brush roll carefully for signs of cracking, splitting or any other damage that may prevent the brush from spinning. If damage is found, contact Dirt Devil or an authorized dealer for a replacement. If there is no such damage, replace the brush roll in the cleaner head and then put the nozzle guard back in place. Set the cleaning plate on the head and secure the screws with the Phillips screwdriver.


Broken Belt

Over time, the vacuum cleaner belt may wear out or break, which will stop the brush roll from turning. To reach the belt, which is located underneath the brush roll, lower the vacuum cleaner head, turn the vaccum cleaner over and remove the 6 screws on the cleaning plate using a Phililps head screwdriver. Then, remove the cleaning plate, nozzle guard and brush roll to access the belt. Rotate the belt with your fingers to view any damage and replace it with a new belt if necessary.


Power Failure

If nothing on the Dirt Devil vacuum is operational, including lights, suction or motor, there has likely been a power failure. Unplug the power cord and examine it for any damaged, broken or frayed areas that may require repair or replacement. If the cord is intact, make sure the vacuum is plugged into a working wall outlet. Replace or reset any circuit breakers or fuses that have blown or tripped to restore power if necessary. Then, unplug the vacuum cleaner, wait a few minutes and plug the device back in to perform a power reset. Contact Dirt Devil if the vacuum still does not power up or function, as the motor may have failed and will require replacement.



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