How to Replace a Dirt Devil Vacuum Belt

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Dirt Devil is a well known company that manufactures vacuums, hand held vacuums, steam cleaners and carpet cleaners. Although vacuums typically require little maintenance other than emptying the bag or canister, they sometimes malfunction. One of the most common problem areas for a Dirt Devil vacuum is a broken belt which prevents the bottom brush from rotating. Luckily, replacing the belt is a simple procedure that is accomplished using only a screwdriver.


Step 1

Unplug the Dirt Devil vacuum cord from the electrical outlet. Press the handle lock button to lower the top part of the vacuum all the way to the floor. Turn the vacuum over so that the bottom is facing upward.

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Step 2

Remove the five screws on the bottom guard using a screwdriver. One screw is located at each of the front corners of the guard and the remaining screw is located at the back left corner of the guard. Set the guard aside.


Step 3

Grasp both ends of the roller brush located at the front of the vacuum. Pull straight up to remove it and unhook the old belt from the end of the roller. If the belt is broken, then the brush will simply pull out easily.

Step 4

Remove the old belt by shifting it to the left and slipping it off of the motor shaft. If the belt is broken, make sure to locate and remove any broken rubber pieces which are contained inside the vacuum.


Step 5

Place one end of the new belt over the motor shaft. Insert the end of the roller brush through the other end of the belt loop.

Step 6

Pull forward on both ends of the roller brush to stretch the belt and move the roller brush into the correct position. Press down on the brush ends to snap it back into place.


Step 7

Place the guard back onto the vacuum and insert the five screws with the screwdriver.

Step 8

Turn the vacuum back over, plug the cord into an electrical outlet and turn the vacuum on to test the repair.

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