How to Repair the Roller Control on a Hoover WindTunnel

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Roller control flat belt

  • Roller control power drive belt

The Hoover WindTunnel is a self-propelled vacuum that is consistently rated high by consumer reports. Knowing how to identify and repair a simple problem instead of replacing the vacuum saves money. The most common problem with the Hoover WindTunnel is the roller brush not spinning. This is a simple issue that is the result of a design flaw and is fixable by replacing the roller brush control belts. The need to replace this belt every six months to a year is common. The belt can be purchased from the manufacturer or at janitorial supply stores.


Step 1

Unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet. Flip the vacuum over so the wheels are facing up. Insert the head of a Phillips screwdriver into the each of the four screws on the brush housing and turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to loosen the screws enough to remove them. Place the screws in a plastic bag and tie the bag shut. This keeps the screws safely together where they won't get misplaced.

Step 2

Pull the bottom plate up and away from the brush. This exposes two belts that are the roller control belts. The thicker of the two belts is the "Flat Belt," and the other one is the "Power Drive Belt."


Step 3

Slide the "Flat Belt" off the wheel and unhook the back of the belt from the metal pin that holds it in place. Lift the brush up and out from its position and slide the "Power Drive Belt" off the brush. Grab the back of the "Power Drive Belt." Push the belt through the two wheels it rests between and remove it from the vacuum.

Step 4

Slide the replacement "Power Drive Belt" in position between the two back wheels where you removed the damaged belt. Spin the belt and make sure it moves the wheels. If the wheels do not spin, adjust the belt until they do.


Step 5

Wrap the replacement "Flat Belt" over the metal pin, pull the belt toward the front of the vacuum and slide the rest of the belt over the wheel. Position the brush so the side with the belt groove is on the same side of the vacuum where the belts are located. Fit the brush under the "Power Drive Belt" and position the belt over the belt groove. Pull the brush forward and put it back in its place. Spin the belt to make sure it spins the brush; if the brush does not spin, adjust the belt until it does.

Step 6

Set the top of the brush housing over the vacuum, insert the four screws into the screw holes and tighten them into place using a Phillips screwdriver. Turn the vacuum right-side up.


J. Anthony Cooley

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