Hoover Windtunnel Instructions

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The Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner was first released in 2004 for home cleaning. The Windtunnel is a bagless vacuum with several features to help keep your home clean. Before your first use, you need to assemble the handle. To get the most from your Windtunnel, follow proper operating instructions.

Handle Attachment

The body of the Hoover Windtunnel is packaged as a complete unit, except for the handle, which you need to attach. Before attaching the handle, make sure the power cord is not connected to an electrical outlet. The handle piece has four screws packaged behind a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the handle. Remove and discard the cardboard, and place the screws to the side. Open the tool cover near the top of the vacuum cleaner body and slide the handle piece into the open slot. With a Phillips screwdriver and the supplied screws, tighten the handle into place. Finally, pull the plastic switch-lock off of the "Power" switch on the front of the handle and dispose of it.


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Before you start vacuuming with the Windtunnel, adjust the height of the power brush according to the length of your carpet. To adjust the brush, move the slider located on the top of the power nozzle to the appropriate height.

Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and press the handle release lever on the power nozzle. The handle will release from its upright position, making it easier to push the vacuum cleaner. Press the power switch on the front of the handle to "On" to start the vacuum cleaner.


Hoover designed the Windtunnel with a dirt sensor that alerts the user when a large amount of dirt or debris is present in the carpet. The indicator lights are located on the front of the power nozzle. If the green light is on, the carpet in that area is clean. If the red indicator light is on, there is embedded dirt remaining in the carpet, and you should continue to vacuum that area.

Cleaning Tools

In addition to vacuuming carpets, you can vacuum upholstered furniture and hard to reach places using the supplied cleaning tools. To use the tools, turn off the vacuum cleaner and place the handle in the upright position. Pull the hose out of the holder and slide the tool you want to use into the hose. If you need to reach farther, slide the wand into the hose and then attach the tool. Once the tool is connected, turn on the vacuum cleaner to start cleaning.



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