How to Keep a Memory Foam Mattress Pad in Place

Memory foam mattress pads are a wise way to add comfort to your mattress. They are long-lasting and add soft support without holding in heat. Memory foam is a pressure-sensitive foam material that conforms to the contours of the body. It can assist people with back problems and general sleeping issues, but it has a tendency to slip and slide. A few steps can assure that your mattress pad stays in place and you get a good night's sleep.

Keep a Memory Foam Mattress Pad in Place

Step 1

Remove any zip covers from the foam mattress. The mattress itself is less likely to slip around than with a cloth cover and it is more functional.

Step 2

Place a non-slip rug pad directly onto the mattress and put the foam mattress on top of the rug pad. The rug pad should be slightly smaller than the mattress pad.

Step 3

Place the mattress pad on top of the non-slip rug.

Step 4

Place a fitted sheet around the mattress pad and mattress, securing the mattress pad in place.

Step 5

Place bed sheet straps around the fitted sheet, further tightening the fit of the mattress pad to the bed.