How to Kill Ear Mites on Carpet

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Animals with ear mites will constantly scratch their heads.

Ear mites are parasitic insects that commonly attack dogs and cats. They feed on the earwax, dried blood and dead skin cells in the ear canal of the animal. Ear mites can survive in carpet and pet bedding and will lay eggs on these surfaces. Part of an effective ear mite treatment for your pet is ridding the carpeting and bedding of any remaining pests. Begin your environmental treatment the same day you begin treating your pet.


Step 1

Remove all pet bedding from the carpeting. Wash it in the washer on the hottest water setting, using regular laundry detergent.

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Step 2

Vacuum the carpet surface thoroughly.

Step 3

Sprinkle a flea-killing insecticidal powder designed for carpets over the entire carpet surface. Flea killers will also kill ear mites. Leave the powder on the carpet according to the package directions.


Step 4

Vacuum the carpets again to remove the powder and dead mites.

Step 5

Repeat the insecticide application and vacuuming again in two weeks. Your pet should be finishing its medications at this point, and one final treatment of the carpets will prevent re-infestation.

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