How to Arrange a Queen Size Bed in a Small Room

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Shelves (with mounting hardware)

  • Drill

Small bedroom with a Queen size bed.

A small bedroom and a queen-size bed may not seem to make a pleasing combination. However, with creative placement and a minimalistic approach to other bedroom furniture, you can make this challenging configuration work. Pay attention to traffic flow in the room and think of ways to eliminate other furniture you may not need in the bedroom, and you can effectively create a cozy bedroom space that doesn't seem too crowded.


Step 1

Tape measure.

Measure the dimensions of the bedroom so you know the approximate area you are working with. Draw a diagram of the bedroom on the paper to make a plan before you begin arranging the furniture. Include windows, closets and doorways because this helps you see the traffic pattern of the room. Measure all of the furniture pieces you will place in the bedroom and draw them onto the diagram in a way you like.


Step 2

Bedside table.

Use a queen bed frame with built-in storage to maximize your space. If you have a bookcase headboard on the bed, you immediately eliminate the need for bedside tables. If you have under-the-bed storage drawers, you may eliminate the need for at least one extra dresser in the bedroom.


Step 3

Queen size bed taking up majority of room.

Place the bed in the room first because it is the largest furniture item. Once you determine the bed placement, the smaller furniture pieces will fit in around the bed as necessary. Consider a diagonal placement of the bed to maximize wall space for other furniture (although you will sacrifice center floor space). If you don't like a diagonal placement of the bed, place it with the head of the bed against a wall opposite the doorway to the room. Make sure the bed does not obstruct a closet or the traffic pattern of the bedroom.


Step 4

Bedside lamp near Queen Size bed.

Add the smaller furniture pieces next where they will fit. Consider placing a dresser in a closet, if possible. Add a floor lamp in a corner behind the bed if you place the bed at a diagonal or place bedside lamps on a bookcase headboard. Place a television on top of a dresser on the wall opposite the bed or possibly even mount a flat-screen television on the wall. Add an occasional chair near a window, if possible.


Step 5

2 women putting up shelves on wall.

Mount shelving on walls to provide additional storage without using floor space. Use the shelving to store books and other objects.



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