7 Items That'll Make Even the Smallest Living Room Look Polished

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Small living rooms are not easy to style — in this case, the "less is more" philosophy can feel more like a cruel challenge than an easygoing adage. But just because it's tough doesn't mean that it's impossible. In order to outfit this small area, it's important to plan ahead: designate a neutral color palette, decide to make statements with bright accessories, and incorporate textures that add interest to the space without dragging it down. These seven pieces, from bold artwork and a dynamic sconce to a textured rug and a storage-friendly sofa, will show you how to make minuscule square footage look chic.

Soma Bryant Upholstered Sectional

Pottery Barn's new collection of highly stylish, small-space pieces are your saving grace. This Soma Bryant Upholstered Sectional ($1,099) includes a hidden storage compartment under the chaise, so you can tuck away items that'll clutter the room.

Sarah Campbell Canvas Print

A large, eye-catching work like this triangular Sarah Campbell Canvas Print ($159) will set the tone for the room's color palette.

Geometric Iron Wall Sconce

Sconces fill blank walls while providing flattering, intimate light. This Geometric Iron Wall Sconce ($28.99) would look great as a pair on one wall in the room.

Riley Console

The slim Riley Two-Drawer Console ($499) visually balances the color of the art and the metallic trim in the sconce. But more importantly, it supplies storage under your television to hide away electronics.

Seagrass Rug

You'll want to select a rug in a sturdy fiber that can withstand daily wear and tear. The 6-foot by 9-foot Seagrass Rug ($159.20) will give your living room a durable and stylish texture.

Poppin's Large Accessory Tray

Poppin's Large Accessory Tray ($17.99) adds a bold burst of color, and will keep items — like the remote, a candle, and a plant —organized.

Calo Side Table

In keeping with the geometric shapes of the other items on this list, a Calo Side Table ($148) is versatile enough to act as a resting place for glassware or added seating when guests are over. Place one next to the sofa, or use two as a flexible coffee table.