This DIYer Turned a Broken Mirror Into a Moss-terpiece

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Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. After waiting for months for a mirror, DIYer TayBeepBoop was heartbroken when it arrived broken. But they had a plan.


Inspired by the Japanese technique kintsugi, which involves repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer to embrace imperfections, Tay decided to "stitch up" the mirror — not with gold but with preserved moss. What they ended up with is a perfect example of upcycling magic.

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As Tay has a "relaxing, forest-themed" bedroom, they thought the moss would be a perfect fit for the amorphous green mirror. But getting the individual pieces of moss to look right was something of a challenge for the DIYer, who ultimately enlisted the help of a friend to get the arrangement looking just right.

Tay also created a digital mock-up to envision the final product, determining that having the moss flow over the mirror's frame was the best option. "I thought about having it flow onto the ground, but realistically, that's not a good idea for functionality 😂," Tay added in the comments.

The end result is a beautiful work of art that fits perfectly in their bedroom — and even somewhat works as a mirror!



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