This Hack Upcycles Old Salsa Jars Into Sleek Pantry Storage

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"One person's trash is another's treasure," the old saying goes, and after seeing this new TikTok hack, you'll want to keep all that trash to yourself.


In the video, TikTok user @lewisluxuryliving shares a quick and easy kitchen hack that transforms a used salsa jar into a beautiful storage container that will serve you well for years to come.


They begin by peeling off the old labels from the jar, then applying a layer of WD-40 to help loosen up the adhesive residue, before wiping it off with a paper towel.

Next up, acetone is used to remove the sell-by dates printed on the jar — just dab a bit of the substance on a paper towel and the ink will rub right off. Finally, the jar is thoroughly washed in a mixture of water and vinegar before being set to dry.

Rather than using the original lid, the TikToker opted to go with a simple yet beautiful bamboo lid to add a touch of class to the finished product. The cap is designed for a mason jar, but still fits perfectly onto this vessel to create an airtight container.


The creator uses these jars in the pantry and in their tea corner, but the possibilities are truly endless.

The best part about this hack? The chips and salsa snack beforehand.



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