How to Cut Receptacles in a Mirror

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Cutting recetpacles in mirrors requires special glass cutters.

Large mirrors are typically installed on bathroom walls and in other areas of home such as work out rooms. One problem with these mirrors is they cover up electrical outlet receptacles. Instead of covering them up, you can use specialized glass cutting tools to cut out receptacle holes in the mirror. When cutting mirror receptacles, is important to take the proper measurements for the wall outlet so that it aligns precisely with the mirror opening.


Step 1

Ask one or two assistants to hold the mirror up to the wall in the location where you want to install it. Draw a line around the entire perimeter of the mirror using a pencil. Set the mirror on a flat work surface.

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Step 2

Place a tape measure at one side of the mirror outline on the wall and measure over to the side of the receptacle location. Move the end of the tape measure to the top of the outline and measure down to the top of the receptacle. Write down the exact measurements.


Step 3

Measure the width and the height of the receptacle box itself. Most standard receptacles are 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall, but non-standard receptacle measurements will vary.

Step 4

Lay the mirror on a flat work surface and use the tape measure and a dry erase marker to draw the outline of the receptacle box. First measure from the side of the mirror over to the first measurement taken and draw a vertical line. Then measure down from the top of the mirror to the second measurement taken and draw a horizontal line. Finish out the square using the dimensions of the receptacle box.


Step 5

Put on safety glasses and cut a hole in the center of the rectangle using a 2-inch diameter tube drill.

Step 6

Spread 1 tsp. of glass cutting oil around the outline of the receptacle on the mirror.

Step 7

Place a straight edge along one side of the rectangle and hold it down firmly. Place the tip of a glass cutter blade at the end of the line and drag it across the length of the line once using firm pressure. Repeat to cut the remaining three sides of the receptacle.


Step 8

Turn the mirror over so that back faces upward. Put on work gloves and press your finger firmly along the edge of the scoreline which will be visible.

Step 9

Turn the mirror back over and position the cutter blade inside the rectangle approximately 1/2 inch from the outer rectangle edge. Move the blade towards the center of the rectangle until you reach the cutout circle. Repeat to make one cut on each side of the rectangle.


Step 10

Insert a pair of pliers into the center of the circle and grasp the edge of the mirror between two of the cuts. Break the mirror downward sharply to remove the mirror section. Repeat to remove the remaining pieces of mirror until you have a clean rectangular receptacle opening.

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