Bathroom Mirror Clip Removal

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Mirror clips are used to hold mirrors to a wall. They are used alone, or sometimes with mirror adhesive to ensure that the mirror cannot fall off of the wall. Removing the clips is a very easy thing to do. The only reason that it can be confusing is if you do not know where the screws are located. Plastic and metal clips are most often used in bathrooms.


The number of clips that you have to remove will depend on the size of the mirror. Larger mirrors will have at least a minimum of 8 clips. The clips are held in place by wall anchors. The anchors ensure that the clips will not be pulled out of the wall by the weight of the mirror.


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The tools that you need to remove mirror clips are a basic flat tip screwdriver and a variable speed drill. Use a helper or two to remove large mirrors. These mirrors are extremely heavy and cannot be handled by one person alone.

Plastic Clips

Plastic mirror clips have a snap on cover that hides the screw to remove them. The cover just snaps on to the clip and can be removed by sliding your flat tip screwdriver under the edge of the cover and prying out. Use your variable speed drill to remove the screws holding the mirror clips to the wall. Begin at the top corner either right or left, and then remove a clip from the opposite bottom corner. Continue this pattern until all the clips are removed.



Metal Clips

Metal mirror clips do not have covers that pop off. Push up on the mirror to release it from the bottom clips. Remove the bottom clips with your drill and a Phillips head or flat tip drill bit. Allow the bottom to slide down to release the mirror from the top clips.



Mirror clip anchors can be removed by inserting a Philips head screwdriver into them and pulling out, or you can hit the head of the anchor with a hammer and drive it into the wall. Simply fill the holes with spackle or drywall compound.



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