10 Nearly Identical Dupes for Crate and Barrel's Best-Selling Pieces

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Crate and Barrel has become a staple for kitchens, living areas, outdoor spaces, and pretty much any spot in your home that can use a high-end, timeless touch. And thanks to collaborations with some of our favorite designers, the brand always manages to stay on the cutting edge of what's cool in the decor world. That does, however, come with a price. Crate and Barrel furniture certainly doesn't fit into everyone's budget, particularly the larger items, like tables, accent chairs, bed frames, and the like. If you've been swooning over one of the brand's best-sellers but can't quite cut it right now, here are 10 of our favorite Crate and Barrel looks for less.

‌‌‌(Note: If you can support the original maker, we are always in favor of that, but if you're not able to splurge right now, here are our favorite budget buys.)

10 Crate and Barrel Looks for Less

Cut the price in half and then some with this equally bold and chunky Wayfair find.

If you're willing to swap out top-grain leather for its vegan alternative, you can get nearly the same look at a fraction of the price.


It'll be pretty tough to convince us that this isn't the exact same bench for a third of the price.

Save a couple hundred dollars with this sleek and nearly identical bedside table.


We love an extendable dining table, and this option from Ashley gives us the Crate and Barrel look with the versatility of an 18-inch leaf.

A sculptural dream come true. Choose between four shades of velvet to cover the solid wood base: dark gray, forest green, ivory, and navy.


Whether hung up or leaning on the wall, a grand floor mirror always fits our design vision.

A midcentury-inspired spindle bed frame will simply never go out of style.


Another chunky base for hundreds of dollars less.

Keep it airy with this sled coffee table that'll open up any living room.


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