This New LEGO A-Frame Cabin Might Be Better Than the Real Thing

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A cozy A-frame cabin in the middle of a lush forest is the stuff of dreams. However, the reality of actually owning a log home can come with its disadvantages in the form of maintenance that requires time, energy, and money. Fortunately, with LEGO's newest addition you can marvel at the quaintness of an A-frame cabin, but completely forego all of the drawbacks.


According to DesignTAXI, this two-story A-frame cabin came from a layout submitted by LEGO Ideas fan designer Andrea Lattanzio. With over 10,000 supporters behind his idea, Lattanzio's cabin was approved for production in February 2022. Now, just one year later, it will be available for the public to purchase.

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"If I can't live in a real A-Frame cabin, then I'm building one with LEGO bricks," said Lattanzio, according to LEGO. Outfitted with a lofted bed, workspace with a typewriter, removable roof, wildlife, canoe, camping gear, kitchen, and porch, the 2,082-piece cabin scene provides the perfect setting for four minifigures wearing sweaters to live their best outdoorsy lives.


For $179.99, you can purchase the LEGO A-Frame Cabin on February 4 via the brand's website. Or, if you're a LEGO VIP, you can get early access on February 1. For the LEGO lover in your life, this would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Now, if you can't have the real thing, this cozy LEGO cabin is the next best option.



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