I Ordered a Rug From The Citizenry — Here's Everything You Should Know

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I have been obsessed with The Citizenry since I first discovered it in 2018. From the rich leather ottomans to the luxe alpaca throws (which I've tried and are amazing, by the way), no one brings the artistry quite like it. This is thanks to the brand seeking the finest craftspeople from all around the world and shipping their products directly to your home. I love everything The Citizenry does, but the rugs take it to a new level. I have been swooning over the handmade assortment for as long as I can remember, and when I moved to my new apartment, it was the first thing on my mind.


After going back and forth between solids and patterns, I opted for the Yürek Hand-Knotted Kilim Area Rug from the brand's Turkey Heirloom Collection. I was immediately drawn to its uniqueness and striking color scheme that's bold yet somehow still easy to incorporate into any space. And I can confidently say that it's just as beautiful in person as you'd hope.

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Here's everything to know if you're considering purchasing a rug from The Citizenry. Spoiler alert: I would 100% recommend doing so.

‌​(While I did receive the Yürek Hand-Knotted Kilim Area Rug in exchange for an honest review, all of the following thoughts and opinions are my own and are not influenced by The Citizenry in any way.)

What is The Citizenry's brand philosophy?

The Citizenry wants to bring the world to your home. The brand partners with master artisans from across the globe to blend its "modern style with their time-tested techniques." This eliminates the middleman and allows The Citizenry to offer the highest-quality goods at the most reasonable prices.


What type of rugs does The Citizenry offer?

The brand's impressive inventory of stunning, top-quality rugs makes it quite difficult to narrow down a favorite — a pretty good problem to have. They range in size, shape, material, price, and, of course, origin. The Citizenry's jute and plant-based area rugs, accent rugs, and runners are some of its most popular items in addition to hand-knotted, flatweave, and wool offerings that make up the largest portion of its collection.


One of the coolest parts of The Citizenry is the story provided for each and every product. The transparency in origin, materials, and inspiration is quite refreshing and makes you feel all the more connected to the products you purchase and the artists behind them. Plus, many rug descriptions even go into detail on how long each piece took to make from start to finish and how many artisans participated in the process.



What was my ordering, shipping, and delivery experience like?

Since every single rug is handmade, many of them are offered in limited quantities. For example, there were only two Yürek rugs left in stock in the 9-by-12 size when it came time to place my order. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that if there's a rug you're absolutely obsessed with, it's important to act quickly since they may be out of stock for good once the current inventory runs out.


Most rugs are offered in a variety of sizes, with area rugs ranging in dimension from 5 by 8 feet to 10 by 14 feet. There are also 2-by-3-foot and 3-by-5-foot accent rugs in addition to an impressive collection of runners.

Since almost all rugs are in stock and ready to ship, the wait between placing and receiving your order is impressively slim. My order was placed on December 7 and shipped on December 8 from the brand's Texas headquarters, and it arrived at my door on December 12. The retailer offers free U.S. ground shipping and ensures all in-stock items ship within one to three business days.


The rug was carefully wrapped in plastic to ensure perfect quality upon arrival. It was then folded and placed in a large box that was quite heavy — a testament to the amazing craftsmanship and durability of the rug. With this in mind, I had someone help me lay it in place.

Why did I choose the Yürek Hand-Knotted Kilim Area Rug?

The colors in this rug spoke to me right off the bat. The combination of rich, warm tones and navy blue accents is just perfect. Beyond that, I have honestly just never seen a rug quite like it. It has a global, almost cabinlike feel that I'm incredibly drawn to. It feels one of a kind. I wanted something thick and durable, and this rug is just that. Plus, I was obviously blown away by the fact that it's handwoven by a collective of 200 artisans in Turkey, with each rug taking two weavers three months to make — and, of course, all in a fair-trade working environment.



What are the pros and cons of The Citizenry's hand-knotted rugs?


  • The fair-trade working environments
  • The detailed patterns and rich colors
  • The ordering and delivery process
  • The rugs are thick, durable, and crafted to last a lifetime. The quality is simply unmatched.


  • My rug is a bit difficult to clean (more on that below)
  • My cat is very attracted to the texture of the rug
  • Although it's very fairly priced for the craftsmanship, it's still a big investment, especially when purchasing a larger size

How do I clean a hand-knotted 100% wool rug?

It's recommended that you vacuum the rug lightly at least once a week using only low suction and no beater brush to avoid damage. This also removes any loose fibers that are to be expected during the first six months since the rug is crafted from 100% natural material. While vacuuming works, I find it a bit difficult to remove all the cat hair (it's shedding season!), and I do worry about accidentally damaging the rug, so I have found that a lint roller is actually a great supplement. Overall, it's a hardy rug that isn't too difficult to maintain, but its handmade nature makes me extra attentive to treating it with care.


The Yürek rug in my apartment with Sixpenny's Theo Coffee Table
Image Credit: Erin Lassner/Hunker

Is it worth buying (specifically rugs) from The Citizenry?

While The Citizenry's product offerings are indeed an investment, you will not find the assortment, transparency, and fair pricing anywhere else except if you travel to these locations yourself. Beyond the brand's striking finds, its ethos is really what stands out. The Citizenry creates the most beautiful global community connected through artistry.


If you want a rug to last, investing in quality craftsmanship is a must. You are undoubtedly doing so when purchasing through The Citizenry. This rug brings me so much joy when looking at it each and every day, and I couldn't recommend the Yürek rug I selected and the retailer as a whole highly enough.



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