12 Places to Get Truly Unique Rugs

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Look, there's no easy way around it: Beautiful, quality rugs cost $$. But if you're in a position to finally put down some cash money for a great rug, a unique design can completely transform your home and instantly make your space feel professionally designed. Here are the designers and brands we think are doing really cool things in the rug space. (And hey, if you don't have the moolah now, Pin this piece, then buy a lottery ticket.)


1. Pieces

This NYC-based design collaborative has a thing for fun colors and designs that don't take themselves too seriously. Some of their rugs have sporty references (like the tennis court-like rug above) or an oval rug that kind of looks like a bird's eye view of a running track. Small rugs start at $240, while a 5' x 8' might cost you $1,600.

2. Cold Picnic

Brooklyn-based Cold Picnic basically started the abstract rug craze. Small designs start at about $135, while a 6' x 9' may cost about $1,210.


We've had our eye on this Moroccan design studio for a while; their distinctive, almost Picasso-like motifs certainly feel of-the-moment, but not in a way that will go out of style anytime soon. These completely handmade designs hover around $1,000 each — just keep in mind that you'll have to pay for shipping and import taxes. But it might be worth it because chances are, no one you know has one.

4. Nordic Knots


This hip company may be based in Sweden, but good news: They offer free delivery to the U.S. within three to six days. The designs are very Scandi: Think linear, geometric motifs in color combos that are either really bold, or more neutral. Small sizes generally start around $400 to $500; an 8' x 10' can cost $1,295.

5. Armadillo & Co.

Armadillo & Co.'s rugs don't come cheap. (Pieces from their Classic collection largely start at over $1,000.) But that's because the company prides itself on its process, which is completely fair trade (the rugs are completely handmade by artisans in India). But, if you're looking to invest in a quality rug that won't go out of style, this is where we'd put our money.

6. CC Tapis

CC Tapis — officially one of our "will hit this up when I win the lottery" brands — commissions designers and artists to create rug designs that really do stretch the imagination. (The European company often takes custom commissions, but you can find a selection of their wares at Wallpaper Shop, where prices start at $4,671 — yikes!)


7. Tantuvi

Tantuvi works with Ikat and dhurrie weavers in India to create designs that reinterpret traditional motifs. The result? Geometric hemp rugs or abstract designs with muted colors. Small rugs can start at about $100 to $200; a 5' x 7' hemp rug can cost $630.

8. Tamar Mogendorff

HomeGoods designer Tamar Mogendorff doesn't have a ton of rugs in her collection, but we do very much like what she does have: bohemian, plant-inspired motifs rendered in shag. Prices start at $325, while the largest rug comes in at around $1,850.

9. Lulu and Georgia

We love Lulu and Georgia's wide array of rugs, but what we love even more is their frequent collabs with designers to create truly unique rugs. Their latest release is a partnership with celeb interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. A small rug from the SSS collection only costs $93; a 9' x 12' can cost $1,378.

10. Beni


Each Beni rug is a one-of-a-kind creation, crafted by a community of Berber descendants in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The collection offers a variety of options. Some pieces do a nice job of maintaining the very traditional feel of Moroccan rugs, while others are far more modern, with grid motifs or patterns inspired by modern art. A flatwoven rug can start as low as $345; a large size can cost over $4,000.


MINNA's handwoven rugs are a good choice if you're looking for something stylish, especially if you're working in a smaller space (the designs pack a punch; the smaller sizes also work great as wall hangings). The colorful designs start around $300; an 8' x 10' can cost $2,950.

12. Woven

This highly conceptual studio creates rugs that really feel more like works of modern art than floor coverings. They don't even list prices, so you need to inquire personally to get more information. But guaranteed you won't see these rugs in every Insta influencer's home.


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