6 Food Scales on Amazon for All Your Kitchen Needs

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A food scale may not be on everyone's list of kitchen must-haves, but for home chefs, bakers, and baristas (or those who are into meal-prepping or following a specific diet), they can be total game-changers. Most are sleek, easy to use, and able to accommodate various units of measurement. And the extra-special ones can do even more — think: timing your coffee pour or pairing seamlessly with a digital tracking app to record nutritional facts. Want to peep our top options? Keep scrolling to discover our favorite food scales on Amazon.


Best Overall

Stainless steel and a tempered glass LCD display give our overall favorite food scale a sleek and attractive appearance. But it isn't all about the looks. This multifunctional digital kitchen scale accommodates weights up to 22.04 pounds (at six measurement units) and features a high-precision load sensor. Did we mention it's under $25?

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Best Budget

At under $15, the price on this digital food scale is ‌very‌ right, especially considering that it's still packed with tons of features and is totally accurate. This simple-to-use kitchen scale comes in tons of color options and is controlled by two buttons: one for power and tare and another for adjusting the measurement unit.


Best Stainless Steel

Weigh and measure your food in serious style thanks to this stainless steel digital food scale. It boasts an extra-large LCD display, minimal buttons, and impressive accuracy (thanks to four high-precision sensors). An ultra-thin profile makes it easy to store too.


Best Rechargeable

Water is no match for this rechargeable digital kitchen scale from Etekcity. The waterproof construction can handle spills of all sorts and is easily cleaned when run under water. It recharges via a USB-C cable, has a 22-pound capacity, and measures in single-gram increments.


Best With App

If nutrition tracking or planning of any kind is your primary reason for using a food scale, consider purchasing this one. It integrates with the free VeSync app that allows for seamless scanning and tracking of your food and nutrition facts, making things like meal prep and keto-friendly cooking a breeze.


Best for Coffee

Coffee fanatics will love this high-precision scale from KitchenTour. It includes all the features you'd need to make a great cup of pour-over coffee or espresso: a built-in timer, nonslip silicone mat, tare button, and seamless unit conversions. Just grind, measure, brew, and enjoy.



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