Martha Stewart Has a Shocking Number of Christmas Trees

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If there's one person who knows how to decorate for the holidays, it's Martha Stewart. After all, Stewart is ‌the‌ queen of all things lifestyle, and she's only published 99 books on the topic. That being said, we've always imagined her Christmas trees to look absolutely breathtaking.


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But as it turns out, Stewart has multiple trees, and they're not what you'd expect. In a recent interview with Architectural Digest, Stewart shared that owns about 15 or 16 trees, and she displays a few in every room.

What's more, she actually uses fake trees. "You would think I would only do natural trees. Well, I ‌grow‌ the natural trees, but I actually use our beautiful pre-lit artificial trees in every single room," she told Architectural Digest. (You can check out Stewart's line of artificial Christmas trees right here.)


The trees also vary in style and theme, as each room has a different color scheme. In the interview, she notes that some of the artificial trees are modern while others are more antique looking. So fun.

Here's to hoping that Stewart will share a few of this year's Christmas trees on social media. Until then, we'll be dreaming about all the decor possibilities if we had 15 trees of our own!


Tips for buying artificial trees:

Personally, we're big fans of artificial trees, especially in terms of convenience and cleanliness. Not to mention, investing in a faux tree means you'll have one thing to check off the to-do list every year.

Here are some tips for buying artificial tree:


  • Measure the height and width of your space before shopping
  • Allow extra space for a tree topper, if you plan to use one
  • Look for trees that are primarily polyethylene, which looks more realistic
  • Choose higher tip counts if you plan to display many ornaments
  • If the company has one, order as a sample kit so you can see the greenery in person

Happy holidays!


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