This Renter-Friendly Tape Hack Will Totally Transform Your Mirrors

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Contrary to popular belief, home decor projects don't have to be expensive or complicated. As user @shanicelashayw proves on TikTok, sometimes all you need is electrical tape and a few minutes of free time.


Courtesy of Den Garden, we came across @shanicelashayw's video explaining how to upgrade a mirror with black electrical tape. The content creator simply applies strips of tape along each side, then trims the ends at an angle. This ensures the ends fit neatly fit into the mirror's corners.

The effect is simple, but stunning. It creates a sleek and chic look that pairs perfectly with @shanicelashayw's black faucet. BRB, swooning!


"I did the same thing in both my bathrooms. [It] makes a big difference," commented one person. "Now that was simple yet dramatic. I love it!" said another TikTok user.

The best part? Electrical tape is easy to reposition and remove. This means you can easily get rid of it if you change your mind. Likewise, if you're a renter, you'll have no problem removing the tape.


TikTok users have also wondered how the tape will hold up to cleanings. One person noted that they tried the project six months ago and it's still in good shape. And while its longevity will depend on many factors (like your specific cleaner or how much you handle the mirror), it's good to know it can last a while.

You can buy electrical tape at discount retailers such as Dollar Tree. Otherwise, it's available at hardware stores for just a few bucks.


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