5 Hidden Features You Didn't Know About on Food and Drink Containers

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If you think of how many items we all use on a daily basis, it's pretty overwhelming. On the other hand, single-use products are often pretty ​underwhelming​. However, there are a few tricks of the trade for common items, especially when it comes to food packaging, and some hacks could make your life easier in ways you never deemed possible. Trust us, once you find out about these, there's no going back.


1. Takeout containers can turn into plates.

Say goodbye to trying to scoop out the last of your lo mein from the hard-to-reach spots of your takeout container. While there is a bit of joy that comes from eating takeout from the paper box, it isn't always the most practical. Luckily, these packages were actually designed to easily unfold into a flat surface. Now, you'll have your very own makeshift plate. Just make sure to recycle the paper once you're done.

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2. Tap the "57" on a Heinz bottle to push the ketchup out.

We all know the struggle of trying to get ketchup to come out of the bottle. You may begin by shaking the bottle aggressively with no luck, tapping the bottom of the glass with the palm of your hand, and then finally succumbing (with frustration) to using a butter knife to drag out the condiment.


Next time you need a little something extra for your fries, look for the number "57" engraved on the bottle. The creator of Heinz originally deemed 57 his lucky number, which is why it appears on all the bottles, but the placement of the number is also the sweet spot for getting ketchup out of the container. Give the number a firm tap or two, and the ketchup should slide right out.

3. The indent on the bottom of wine bottles is for balance.

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The dimple — also called a punt — you find on the bottom of a wine bottle is not there by accident, nor is it there to trick you into thinking there's more wine in the bottle than there actually is. There seem to be a few theories floating around the internet as to why the indent is there, but the most popular conclusion is that the punt allows the bottle to stand upright without falling over, making it more sturdy overall. You can thank this feature next time you bring wine on a picnic.



4. The tab on a soda can is the perfect place for a straw.

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Once you crack open a can of soda or your favorite La Croix, that little metal tab likely gets in your way — but it doesn't have to. After the drink is open, gently push the tab back towards the opening of the can so it's laying flat. That opening in the tab is the perfect size for a straw, and the best part is that the tab will secure it, so the straw won't slide all over the place.


5. The lid of a to-go cup also serves as a coaster.

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You may have read about this hack in a recent piece of of ours, but just in case you haven't, the lid of your to-go cup also functions as a coaster, so you don't get those ring stains on your countertop. The band around the middle of the lid is coincidentally the same size as the bottom of your cup, making it the perfect holder. Just take off the lid and lay it upside down on the table before placing your cup on top. Pure genius!



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