Your To-Go Drink Lid Comes With a Secret Feature You Didn't Know About

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Every once in a while, possibly while running errands or while taking a long drive, you may get a craving for a fountain soda or a coffee. However, we didn't realize the satisfaction of drinking from a to-go cup could get any better, that is, until we learned this mind-blowing hack from TikTok creator @alltruality.


The rumors are true: The lid of a to-go cup doubles as a coaster.

Video of the Day

The creator starts the video pointing to text reading "hidden purposes of everyday things," and what follows is a short video explaining that the ring in the middle of the lid of a paper or plastic to-go cup is the exact same size as the bottom of the drink, making it a perfectly sized coaster.

You start by flipping the lid upside down on the surface the cup will rest on, so the lid can lie flat with the edges facing up. The video then shows the cup move to the top of the lid — now a coaster — and shares that the lips of the lid catch falling condensation, which will no doubt happen if your drink is iced. And voilà! The perfect coaster.

Who knew a lid could do more than just cover a drink? We, of course, don't recommend putting the lid back on the cup after it's been on a table.


Writer's note: I had to put this hack to the test, and I just so happen to live by a Chipotle. As soon as I saw the TikTok, I marched on over to Chipotle and got myself a crisp fountain Diet Coke. And wouldn't you know, the lid was the perfect-sized coaster. Thanks to @alltruality, I now know my to-go cup lids are multipurpose, and I'll never look at them the same again.



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