The Top Fall Decor Pieces People Are Buying Right Now

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The first day of fall isn't officially until September 22, but as far as our home decor sensibilities go, the season is already in full swing. Turns out, we're not alone. According to global shopping service Klarna, certain fall decor items are being added to everyone's carts.


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Below, we'll share which seasonal products are currently trending and include some of our favorite examples, in case you'd also like to get the fall cottagecore look.

1. Artificial Pumpkins

From July 2022 to August 2022, artificial pumpkin purchases increased by 695%, and from August 7 to September 3, they went up by 80%. Considering that these pumpkins can be used year after year, we can see why many want to get their hands on them.


2. Cashmere Blankets

The ultimate cozy necessity, a cashmere blanket, has caught shoppers' eyes for good reason. To hit this point home, the item's sales went up 82% from August 7 to September 3.


3. Ceramic Pumpkins

A specific type of artificial pumpkin, the ceramic pumpkin, has seen 85% growth in purchases from August 7 to September 3. Even before then, from July 2022 to August 2022, these pumpkin purchases increased by 154%.


4. Fake Skeletons

Increasing by a whopping 269% between August 7 to September 3, fake skeletons are taking over the fall decor market. So if you're looking to get this trendy Halloween decoration for your own home, you better act fast before your local fake skeletons sell out.


5. Fall and Halloween Doormats

A fall doormat is a simple, but impactful, piece of decor that can set the tone for your entire home. That would explain why these doormat purchases went up by 130% from August 7 to September 3. In particular, Halloween-themed doormat buys went up by 145% during this time frame.


6. Inflatable Halloween Decor

Nothing screams "Happy Halloween!" like inflatable decor in the front yard. That's why, from July 2022 to August 2022, people were stocking up on these items, causing purchases to grow by 362%.


7. Outdoor Metal Fire Pits

If you want to take your fall coziness to the outdoors, metal fire pits are a great way to do so. From August 7 to September 3, this type of fire pit purchase surged by 331%. Now, who wants some s'mores?


8. Pumpkin Candles

Increasing by 714% from July to August 2022, pumpkin candle purchases were on everyone's mind. After all, can you really call it "fall" if you don't have a seasonal candle burning?


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