Millennials Admit They'd End a Relationship if Their Partner Did This in Bed

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Snacking in bed is one of those life comforts most of us indulge in, even if we know it's probably not the best habit. Cookie crumbs, grease stains, spilled dipping sauces — the list of trouble goes on. And now, thanks to a new study from OnePoll for Serta Simmons Bedding, we can add getting dumped to that list.


According to the study, 38% of surveyed millennials said they would consider ending a relationship with someone who consistently ate in bed. The irony is that the same study also found that millennials are the most likely to snack in bed themselves, with 40% purporting that they chow down in their bed.

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The study took a sample of 2,000 adults to gauge the most dominant sleep disruptors, with midnight-snacking in bed claiming one of the top spots along with overheating, not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position, pets, and children.

The survey also analyzed quality of sleep, revealing that 21% of respondents haven't gotten a night of perfect sleep in over a month, with the average person waking up three times per night. For millennials especially, waking up at least three times per night comes standard.

Of those surveyed, 65% percent reported tossing and turning at night because they can't find a comfortable sleeping position. Meanwhile, 76% of respondents said they wake up more often at night when they feel hot.


"Studies have shown that sleeping hot can impede the body's ability to rest and recover," said JD Velilla, Serta Simmons Bedding's Head of Sleep Experience. "Interrupted sleep may lead to irritability, increased stress, and decreased creativity, among other things. If you tend to sleep hot, light clothing, breathable linens, or a mattress with cooling technology can help."

Getting restful sleep is all about breaking bad habits and establishing healthy ones. Time to put down your screens and those potato chips.



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