This Easy DIY Hanging Planter Costs Zero Dollars

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Running out of surfaces for your ever-growing plant collection? Well, it might just be time for you to upgrade to some hanging planters.


TikToker @diywithemma has shared an easy way to make your own hanging planter with just a few supplies that you likely already own — a pot, a drill, and a vertically oriented paper towel roll holder.

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Start with your paper towel roll holder, which will indicate what size pot you can use — make sure the pot can fit on top of the base of the holder.


Then, according to @diywithemma's video, you can simply drill a hole in the bottom of that pot large enough to fit the main stem. Slide the pot on, use a little hot glue to seal up the hole, and you're ready to start planting.

You'll want to attach some sort of string or cable and a hook to the trunk of the paper towel roll holder, which is what you'll use to hang the planter. If you need help screwing a hook into your ceiling, check out our step-by-step guide.


As one commenter pointed out, this is a great way to create a hanging planter that matches with your personal decor scheme, since you can pick any style of paper towel roll holder and pot.

But as other commenters pointed out, drainage might be an issue here. So, @diywithemma shared her solution: "I tip it gently on its side and any excess [water] comes out."

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