How to Put Screw Hooks in the Ceiling

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If you want to hang something from a wall or ceiling but need some extra support that a standard screw or nail won't provide, you can use a screw hook. A screw hook looks exactly like it sounds. Its straight screw side that fits into a wall or ceiling with a hook on the end so objects, such as plants, holiday decorations or wreaths can hang from the ceiling.


Step 1

Climb up a ladder until you reach the part of the ceiling where you want to insert the screw hook. Screw hooks can be used with a variety of different material, so it can most likely be inserted into your ceiling. Cement and cinder blocks can be extremely difficult to screw hooks into and should typically be avoided.


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Step 2

Hold the screw hook by the hook and press the screw tip up against the ceiling. Provide pressure by pressing up on the screw while you try to hand screw it into the ceiling. If you are screwing into wood the screw hook should screw right in. However, if not you are going to need a drill. Wood is the best material to screw the hook into. To find the wood plank on your ceiling gently knock with your hand. If you hear a hollow sound it is only insulation and air above the ceiling, while a solid noise means you have found the wood stud.


Step 3

Install a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the size of your screw hook. If you use a drill bit the same size there is going to be less ceiling material for the hook to thread onto and it won't be as secure while holding up objects from the ceiling.


Step 4

Drill the hole into the location you want the screw hook. It is alright if you go too deep because the screw hook is going to stop threading up into the ceiling once it reaches the end of the screw.


Step 5

Screw the screw hook up into the ceiling. Pull slightly down on the hook to make sure it is secure and ready to hold items up.



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