How to Remove a Hanging Screw From the Ceiling

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If you've installed hanging screws or hooks into the ceiling to display hanging sculptures or plants, taking them out is simple and only takes a few moments of your time. Since you want to limit any possible damage to the ceiling when you remove the screw, you should carefully use your tools and go slowly to also prevent damaging the screw which will make it harder to remove.

Step 1

Place a step stool or ladder directly under the area on the ceiling that contains the hanging screw or hook. Step up onto the stool or ladder, being careful to maintain balance to prevent injury. If possible, enlist a friend to hold the ladder steady for you as you climb to the top.


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Step 2

Grasp the hook with your fingers and turn to loosen. For a screw without a hook, remove it with a screwdriver. Avoid using a power tool, which may be hard to handle on the ladder or stool; the tool also increases the risk of damaging the screw and making it harder to remove.

Step 3

Remove the hanging screw with an extractor if it is firmly in place. Attach the extractor to a power drill and adjust so the drill goes in reverse. Stick the extractor onto the screw and power the drill to remove.



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