How to Remove a Screw With No Head

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Things You'll Need

  • Drill

  • Center punch or a hammer and a thin nail

  • Drill bits of various sizes

  • Easy-out tool

  • Pin with a large plastic head

  • Wooden dowel to fit the hole

  • Glue


If you're working on wood and the opening is a disaster, put household glue on a wooden dowel about the same size and insert it into the hole. Let it dry and redrill the hole for the new screw. Make certain to go straight down the screw shaft when drilling. Starting at an angle makes the job tougher.

How to Remove a Screw With No Head. If you're doing a home project and come to a screeching halt because the screw that you need remove has no head to unscrew, don't worry. There is a solution for that problem that will allow you to remove the screw quickly and efficiently.


Step 1

Use a center punch to put a deep hole right in the center of the screw shaft. This step is just so you have a starting place for the drill to begin. Tapping a thin nail into the center can sometimes work.

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Step 2

Start with a very small drill bit and drill a hole down into the shaft. Once that's complete, go to the next size of bit and drill a little larger opening in the screw shaft. Stop when the hole is big enough to use an easy-out tool in it.


Step 3

Turn the tool gently. You never want to be rough in this step, lest you break the easy-out. Keep turning until the screw shaft is out. The tool is designed to grip the interior of the screw shaft and turn it as you turn the handle.

Step 4

Remove the easy-out if the screw shaft is being stubborn and still won't come out. You definitely don't want to break the easy-out off in the hole.


Step 5

Continue to use the drill, each time enlarging the hole until only the threads are left.

Step 6

Peel away the threads of the screw with a large plastic headed pin. Pull them out of the threads of the opening.